Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

A little birdie once told us that the Google +1 button is used 5 billion times per day. And that’s how it all started – that’s how we got into social media optimization. Jokes apart, we were among the first few ones to realise that social media would soon be the next big thing, which it is today, no doubt. Wait a minute – don’t you want your share of it – this “big” thing that everyone’s dying to grab a piece of? You do? Well then, that’s what we get you. We make sure that if your audiences are “socially active”, you get to benefit from their activeness and that you meet them right where they are, without having to look for another place to set up a meeting.

    Beyond Networking Sites

    More often than not, SMO is primarily used for promotion – the promotion of your products, any event that you may have lined up and so on. We take advantage of it for a different reason – giving your brand a voice. It is for this reason that you may find us talking of the 3 C’s:

  • Culture: It is important for us to understand what you stand for. We look for unique qualities – qualities that others (who are after the same audiences) lack.
  • Community: When you talk to your community, you should know how they speak. But what can possibly tell you about the language they use? Perhaps if you listen, it may help. Don’t worry; we can do it on your behalf.
  • Conversation: We ensure that you are a part of almost every conversation. And that you add something worthwhile

Doing what it takes

For starters, we know the 7 P’s of social media optimization by heart. Yes, the Perception, Predominance, Progression ones… We build our strategies around them, getting you the maximum benefit. You know what is the first thing that we do? We make your content, travel or in other words, increase its mobility, in our attempt to look beyond the browser. And what makes us different is that we know what NOT TO DO. Like a couple of years back, increasing linkability may have helped, but we know that it doesn’t work anymore – so we don’t do it and rather create shareable content.

Tabs on trends

We gave up on Foursquare long before it was all over the news that the location-based social networking site had a hard time raising capital (like there was any traffic coming their way). That’s because we keep up with the times – we know what’s going on. How else would you explain why we have already started using micro-videos, which would be the “in” thing in the days to come – videos that tell your story in just a few seconds? And the fact that we are now focusing all our energies on graphics, puts us right there – in the race to become one of the well-informed social media optimizers.

Devising ROI based Strategies

As SMO experts, we try and develop an understanding of your cross-channel audiences and then tailor our strategies accordingly. In fact, we avoid broadcasting the same information across different channels for we know in-depth content won’t do any good, if shared on Instagram and Pinterest and that Twitter won’t let us reap the rewards of multimedia. We also use social media for customer service – something that most of the other SMO firms in India may not even think of; guess what – it works for us. And you know what are we really good at? Listening! That’s how we get our insights.

Social Media Consulting

You may already be running quite a few online media campaigns, but are they any good? Maybe you need someone to tell you how you can best use videos, blogs and forums to make your campaigns work. Who better than us? Being a social media consulting firm, we can also help manage your online presence. And in this day and age, it is your presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the like that determines how valuable you are, as a brand.

Building lost reputation

Well, if social media optimization can help sell (or promote), why not do it for any damage control? And we have been successful in doing SMO for firms that were being negatively publicised online. So it’s a “been there, done that” thing for us. We can do it again, reputation repair that is- We consult, we optimize, we do it all for we know social media like the back of our hand – we have experts who have developed successful SMO strategies since God knows when. And these experts of ours, well, they keep moulding their strategies as per the changing trends and of course, in tandem with your individual requirements.