Responsive Website Design Design

Responsive Website Design Design

At Diginautix, we have always kept up with the times – that’s like a tradition we follow; correction – we have always stayed ahead of the times. How else would you explain the fact that we already know 2017 might see people spending close to $108 billion while shopping on their smartphones or tablets? Told you; we foresee. It is this foresight that has not only made us foray into responsive website development, but also get good at it.

Do We Love Responsiveness?

Well, the kind of benefits that a responsive web design has, it’s hard not to. After all, it is SEO-friendly, can be managed without any difficulty, and keeps content at the forefront, making device specific elements take a back seat for a while.

Do We Know How To Develop?

Are you kidding? We know the development process inside out. In fact, we know a lot more than others.

  • Most of them for example only have their way with CSS3 media queries, while we have been successfully taking advantage of media query listeners as well.
  • And did we tell you we are equally good at using polyfills? Why do we need them, you ask? Well, to bridge the gap between responsive web design and (older) browsers, ones that don’t support media queries.
  • Whether you talk of relative sizing, which comes in handy while developing a flexible grid-based layout or dynamic resizing that goes a long way in adding flexible images and media to a site, we know it all.

Do We Address The Problems?

You bet! But what exactly are these problems that everyone keeps talking about but no one seems to know? For starters, mobile users often find it difficult to interact with a webpage. And that goes for as many as 46% of them (users). But guess what – when we take the matters into our hands and get down to responsive web development, we don’t let these problems come anywhere near your site.

Do We Help You Reap the Benefits?

To be honest, we don’t work that way. When we think of RWD, we don’t think of you. Call us biased, if you may, but we rather see it as a means to enhance user experience. So, we think of your users – how they should not have to settle for a desktop solution – how they must not feel alienated or left out. But yes, when we take up your project, you do benefit.

You have a better chance at getting good rankings

  • That’s because cleaner links come into play here
  • You can do with just one SEO campaign. And if you think mobile-specific keywords can get you better results, you can always use them with a responsive site. You may have a better conversion rate
  • If it’s been heading south for a while, RWD may be of great help
  • You can target mobile users by ensuring that your site does work on their device
  • With online shopping being one of the most popular cross-device activities, there’s a lot to gain.
  • What would you do? Sign up for their services just out of fear? With us, that’s not the case. We do responsive design, yes, but we want to sell it to you at any cost, NO. For that matter, we make it clear in the very beginning that if you switch to RWD, you may attract more customers, but it doesn’t mean that if you don’t, you might lose them.
  • We also don’t keep you under the impression that everyone’s doing it. Undoubtedly, responsive web design is becoming increasing popular and few years down the line, everyone may actually embrace it, but that might not be case today.
  • And anyway, you shouldn’t go for it, just because everyone else is. We help you find your own reasons.