Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

With internet taking the center stage, it is now more important than ever to look good, online. That’s because, today, businesses are made or destroyed by how they are seen or perceived over the World Wide Web. But we also understand that all this is not new – four years, businesses have tried to build a brand online. They have made every possible move to take advantage of the online boom and increase their market share. It is this understanding that prompted us to venture into ORM when most of the other companies didn’t even know that it’s possible to undo some (if not all) of the damage.

What Can Go Wrong?

All they have to do is go online, say some bad things about you and convince others that your products and services are not worthwhile. And unless they are doing something illegal, you may not be able to stop them from damaging your reputation. The worst part is that event past and present court cases and government websites may play spoilsport. If you think you haven’t done anything wrong, then it may come as a surprise, but sometimes, those who bad mouth you online, need no reason to; they just do it. Whatever they say comes up in the search results when the key stakeholders (customers, financers, investors, etc.) look for you online or in other words, Google you.

What We Do?

We manage your reputation online, irrespective of what or who you are – a business or an individual. If as an individual, you find yourself in a position, where you have negative results against your name or are paying the price of having the same name as a criminal, we employ the best personal reputation management techniques and ensure you have a cleaner image. In case of a business, our online reputation management services are among the best they offer, here in India.

How We Go About It?

There are like a million companies that offer reputation management services in India, but for some strange reason, most of them do not understand that when a disaster strikes, they just cannot react the way they want. We, on the other hand, know it for a fact that if we don’t retaliate or lose our cool, our ORM efforts can do some real good. So instead of lashing out, here’s what we do:

  • We make sure that negative reviews, if any, are pushed down, preferably away from the 1st page of Google, because that’s where most of the prospects and customers look for you.
  • And we not only attempt to push down the reviews, but also do our best to make sure that complaints and scam reports are also not on the 1st page anymore, for everyone to see.
  • When we get down to ORM, we give you a shield, one that comprises blogs, articles, positive reviews, videos, press releases and anything and everything that can keep the negative press far from visibility.