Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Here, at Diginautix, we don’t need to claim that we are one of the leading mobile application development companies in India; our work does that for us. The fact that we are one among the few to follow a step-by-step approach and know how to create different types of apps works in favour and so does our eagerness to keep tabs on the latest trends.

What We Do?

What makes us one of the well-known mobile application development firms in India is that unlike others, we don’t create apps for you, but for your users instead. Call them user-centric, if you may, but our applications:

  • Do not annoy the users with irrelevant push notifications
  • Do not redirect the users to the app store every now and then, virtually forcing them to give ratings or write reviews
  • Come with full retina assets (for iPhone users)
  • Have legible (read: wrapping) text for we don’t want the users to drag across the screen manually
  • And more importantly, we ensure that there are no desperate pleas. We know our apps are so great that the users would “like” and “follow” them on their own

How We Do It?

Our mobile application development services are aimed at bringing ideas to life. We start by clearly defining what is expected, then visually conceptualise the layout as well as the structure of your apps, and finally create a wireframe and a storyboard before getting down to development, which, for us, is a step by step process:

  • Step 1: Here, we draw a sketch of the servers as well as the APIs. The idea is to define the backend so that our developers have something to refer to during the later stages
  • Step 2: We test early on. In fact, we make sure that the prototype is subject to extensive testing for we don’t want any flaws or dead-end links whatsoever
  • Step 3: We go back to Step 1 and use the sketch for actually building the backend. It is at this stage that we give some serious thought to servers, databases, and storage solutions and make the necessary arrangements
  • Step 4: We then shift our focus to skins and ask the developers to come up with a high-resolution version of the wireframe
  • Step 5: We test, yet again. Here, testing helps us in ensuring that the apps have the desired look and feel and that they are almost ready
  • Step 6: We believe that only the users can best judge the apps. It is for this reason that we ask for their feedback. And then we do some fine tuning, if required
  • Step 7: It is time for the final release. But before handing over the apps to you, we test them once again, this time in a live environment. If all goes well, the apps can be safely published

    Our Approach

  • You get to benefit from geo-targeted advertising
  • It is possible for you to display coupons and bring more customers your way
  • You may also advertise on a map and help the users find you
  • It is now easy for you to find out what goes down well with them (prospects and customers)
  • And when you what may be a big turn off, you have an edge over your competitors
  • If the phone in use has GPS, our transactional apps can easily fetch the user’s location and even automatically fill in the data field