Microsites and Landing Page Designing

Microsites and Landing Page Designing

Awaiting the launch of a new product? Not sure how to promote it on the web? Here, at Diginautix, we have just the right solution for you. We can design landing pages for you and give your promotion efforts that much-needed push. Designed by experts, these are sure to raise customer interest and are likely to result in a much better rate of conversion than you would otherwise expect. We also have micro sites designers with us, who know how to get the word out.

Make your message more effective

You may have already thought what you want to tell your audience. We just sharpen it, thereby increasing its effect. Our experts design the sites in such a way that your message hits the bull’s-eye. They can help you target the market segment of your choice.

Opine with confidence

You may not be a business, just a group of people who wish to express their views online. If that’s the case, our micro sites development services can provide you with just the right platform. The best part is that you can also raise public awareness. So if you have been looking for support on an important issue all this while, well, you may get it now. Our micro sites designers have enough experience and the best available technologies at their disposal to create sites that can give a boost to your poll and email campaigns.

Don’t overstuff your site with information

Already have a website? Great! But if you have some big events lined up, get in touch with our experts and ask them to design landing pages for these events. These pages would contain information about your events, including the names and credentials of the speakers, venue details, travel arrangements, if any, and of course, the participation fee. We are of the opinion that it makes no sense to add this much information to your existing site. That’s because too much information not only makes your site clumsy but also affects the user experience. Separate sites or landing pages may engage the users and increase the attendance rate.

Give your customers a reason to try out something new

You may already be offering too many products. Why would the customers be interested in one more? If you share information about a new product on your site, do you think the customers would actually see it? They may not! With microsites development, you can make it easier for them to find out more information about your newest offering. You no longer have to make them feel as if they are looking for a needle in a haystack.