Magento Development

Magento Development

Magento is an excellent platform. Almost 2/3rd of the ecommerce platforms are devised on Magento. But, not everyone is equipped to leverage all the capabilities it has to offer as a platform. You need developers who have the requisite skill sets and the experience to do it. We, at Diginautix, have a dedicated team which delivers Magento based solutions customized in view of our clients’ business.

The latest version of Magento offers a far better experience for users integrated to the platform through hand held devices, in line with the Google’s latest updates regarding Mobile responsive sites.

Promote, Optimize and Sell

That’s what e-commerce focuses on. Right? When you hire Magento developers, you may save on marketing costs because the platform itself has some great features that enables you optimize your sales which includes tools for up-selling and cross selling in order to increase your Average Order Value.

    Features that we can help you make the most of:

  • URLs that go down well with the Search Engines
  • Newsletters and polls, both of which have their share of benefits
  • Wishlists that the customers can send to their friends, if they feel like URL rewrites that again help you nail the optimisation (SEO) part
  • Multi-tier pricing, which can help if you are thinking of giving quantity discounts
  • Flexible coupons
  • You can add more than one image for every product you offer online. When the customers get to see the product from different angels, they feel as if they are at a real-time
  • Store, Shopping. That’s as close as it gets.
  • You also get to benefit from the zoom-in capability. It works wonders for those who wish to take a closer look