E-commerce development

E-commerce development

Here, at Diginautix, we realize how important ecommerce development is for a business. After all, it can can increase the conversion rate or make the business look like a needle in a haystack, if the e-store is hard to find. With our services, however, your store is a success because we follow an approach different than that of other ecommerce developers. We look beyond the obvious and work on:

  • Product management
  • Sales tracking management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Tax and shipping management
  • Customer data management

Other USPs of Our Development Services

  • Easy navigation
  • When we get down to ecommerce website development, we make sure that the visitors are able to find their way around. We know that if they have a hard time looking for the products and services you offer, they may abandon the site then and there. In fact, we develop the site in such a way that the 10-second rule doesn’t get violated at any cost. We want you to turn them into customers, and not lose them because of poor navigation.

  • Simple design
  • We are of the opinion that one of the biggest mistakes that ecommerce web development companies in India make is that they come up with an extravagant design for your site. While it does look good, no doubt, any such design may overpower your products and services. And if that happens, the visitors may not be able to focus. There goes your conversion rate!

  • Easy checkouts
  • If there’s one thing that differentiates an ecommerce site from its informational counterpart, it’s the former’s purpose. Ecommerce development is supposed to bring more customers your way, right? But what if the visitors are not able to add items to their cart or have no clue how to checkout and pay? Would they still turn into customers? Chances are that they won’t. And even worse, your shopping cart abandonment rate may increase.

    Don’t worry. You have us, the ecommerce website development experts. We can help bring the SCA rate down by allowing your visitors to shop for your products without compelling them to register.

  • Video marketing
  • We include videos, wherever possible, taking ecommerce development in India to a whole new level; not many other companies do that. The videos help the visitors in making informed decisions because they get to take a closer look, without having to walk into a brick and mortar store.