Custom web development

Custom web development

At Diginautix, we believe that there is a difference between just being present online and actually being taken note of. And the visitors sit up and take notice only when you have a site that’s tailor-made to represent everything that your company stands for. If your website looks like many others that are already there, somewhere, you lose your individuality and they (the visitors) may or may not like it. In short, you need a custom site, one that’s just for you. Customization – that’s what gets you in the good books of those who visit your site.

Here’s why Custom Development makes sense:

  • Attracting more visitors was never this easy
  • When you have a unique design, the visitors actually stay for a while (you no longer need to worry about the 10-second rule) and take notice. They explore. Then they tell others and before you know, the word spreads. Also, custom web development services can help in making your site search-engine friendly. And when you hit it off with the search engines and have relatively high rankings, more and more visitors come your way.

  • Your exact needs are catered to
  • With customisation, you are able to give a face to your company. The site, when developed after considering what your company does, what kind of visitors you are trying to target and whatever it is that you believe in, is more likely to be a success story. And with a CMS, there is always room for accommodating more of your needs later on.

  • Credibility
  • With almost 48% of the visitors deciding on your credibility on the basis of how your website looks, the stakes are really high.

    Customization ensures that you come across as a company that they can trust. Your site is given an individual identity. It does not look like a replica of hundreds of other sites that the visitors may have already checked out. Custom web development is not only beneficial, but also irreplaceable; you cannot expect to get the same results with a template, no matter what other web development firms may have told you.

    Here’s Why a Template Can is not a good idea:

  • Others may have already used it
  • And many may use it in the future. Unless, you have paid money for a template and now have exclusive rights to it, you cannot really stop anyone from using it to their advantage. As a result, there may be too many sites that look way too similar. You stand to lose here because you may not be able to convince the visitors that you have something unique to offer.

    The worst part is that as many as 94% of them may simply reject your site, at least that’s what the statistics suggest.

  • There may not be much scope for customization
  • It is not always possible to pick up just about any template and add your own graphics and content to it. Some templates for that matter are not built that way. And whatever little modification is possible, it has to be done by a professional. So, when you need the services of someone who knows how to develop a website, even with a template, why not go for custom web development?

  • Your marketing efforts may suffer
  • We have come across templates that are not-so search engine friendly. Those who choose these templates have a hard time building their online presence even after spending a huge sum on web development. Also, many of these templates have antiquated coding, the kind that doesn’t go down well with all browsers. With one such template, you may only be targeting those with a specific browser, missing out on the opportunity to reach out to a far wider audience.

  • What You See is What You MAY NOT Get
  • There are some custom web development firms in India that may tell you that they are only going to take inspiration from a template and check out what all colours, layouts and features are in use these days, but might end up copying everything. You may also be sold the idea of affordable web development, but then given the drawbacks of a template, you might actually end up paying more. And developing a site with a template to work on may not take any less time than customisation if you have experienced developers for the latter.

    Our services are affordable, we keep the development time to a minimum and meet your individual needs, giving your site the exact look you have in mind (of course, our developers add to it, in consultation with you), and you still think custom development is a bad idea?